Hololens was still running on Windows 10 RS1 aka version 1607 or OS build 10.0.14393. But the rest of the device families were already upgraded and you might find your own desktop or tablet running on Windows 10 RS3 aka version 1709 or OS build 10.0.16299. That means that Hololens is missing out on API’s and features.

Yesterday was announced that Hololens will be getting an upgrade to be aligned with the rest of the device families with the next release, Windows 10 RS4.

Of course there all kinds of API’s that we know and love from the desktop will also be available there, but there’s one that’s very interesting: the recently announced WinML. This is the API that enables Machine Learning models packaged in an ONNX file to be run on a local machine. Especially for Hololens solutions, where AI and ML are more and more used, this is a great way to do some calculations on the device.

You can download the preview at https://aka.ms/hololenspreview and install it, BUT REMEMBER IT’S STILL IN PREVIEW.